• I am having a hard time breaking my eight-month-old puppy of the habit of begging. Each time me and my family go to eat, he is there in your face trying to get your food. Can you please offer any advice on how to stop him from begging for food? It would be greatly appreciated!

    Begging for food from the table can be a very hard habit to break. They associate the table and begging with getting a treat. It can take a long time to break him of this habit.

    The best way to break him of this habit is to completely ignore him while you are eating. It's important that everyone in the family follows this and does not give him any food from the table. Any time he gets a treat from the table, it reinforces the begging behavior and can cause a setback on breaking him of this habit.

    Another thing that you can try is to keep him away from the table all together. Keeping him in his kennel or in another room while you are eating may be the only way to prevent this if he is persistent.

    If these things do not work I recommend that you talk to a trainer in your area. They can recommend a treatment plan that is more specific to your pet.


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