• Hello! I have a pet with a small concern here at home. Estelle is roughly the age of 14 and I do believe she is developing cataracts from her old age. Upon further investigation into her eyes, I noticed black specs that look like slight swirls in her pupil only visible upon light shining into her eye. I do have a very in depth picture that shows the full spot down to the swirling pattern. I can happily email them if needed. I just have the question of what these black specs are in her eyes, are they harmful, or is it a more "uncommon" spectrum that can developed naturally? She is going about life normally and seems like her vision is the usual for being older in her age. There's no pain or anything of that nature.

    Hi Laurie,
    I recommend that you take her into see a veterinarian. While the lens in the eye can become more opaque as dogs age, this does not usually have the appearance you are describing. Cataracts in dogs are usually caused from an underlying illness like diabetes. Your vet can talk to you more about the cause of the eye changes and any treatment she needs after they have examined her.

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