• Hello, I have a female/spayed, 10 month old, great dane. She has had chronic diahrrea for the past five months or so. For the most part its watery and mucousy. Every now and then it'll be a little more like soft serve ice cream rather than water. We have her on a diahrrea medicine that helps harden her stool. Even with that her poop still isnt as hard as it should be. We have her eating ONLY the royal caine gastro food that a banfeild vet perscribed to us. We have tried a probitotic, bland diet, I feel like we have tried everything. The diahrrea is uncontrollable for her. We are gone throughout the day for work and she ends up messing her crate. Shes a great dane... her mess is huge. Shes too big to be cleaning a crate and giving a bath once a day, sometimes twice. She also seems to be always really thirsty. We have had her stool tested for worms/parasites and they come back negative. We got her spayed over two months ago and the patch of hair they shaved on her tummy still has yet to grow back, not even a little bit. I dont know if that has anything to do with anything but it's just weird it hasnt grown back yet. We are in the vets office almost once a week or on the phone with them trying to figure something out. We have been reccommended to do a scan and a blood test but we really cant afford them right now. We just moved and we are planning a wedding. There isnt really money in the budget for a $300-$600 test for our dog. At this point i feel like no ones able to help or give us answers other than to do those tests. My one concern is that she might have whipworm? Thats just from googling her side effects and such... But still. To treat whipworm. its expensive. Especially if thats not what it is. I really hope you have some other ideas. Thanks, Allie Smith 301-337-1135

    Hi Allie, 
    I recommend that you continue to work with your local veterinarian about this. Unfortunately, there can be many different causes for chronic diarrhea and it appears that many of the most common causes have been either treated or ruled out. The best next step for her will depend on her overall medical history. Your vet knows your pet and they will be your best resource for this. If needed they may be able to refer you to an internal medicine specialist in your area that may be able to help.

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