• Hello! I have a female cat (1-1/2 yrs old) who was just recently given a clean bill of health during her comprehensive exam in February (2019). I didn't think to ask this at the time, but for the past few months, she has displayed a new behavior when she uses her litter box. I use the Breeze Litter Box system, without a hood. I tried with a hood for a month, but she would tuck her bottom out the opening, and urinate on the floor. Back to the open box, she stand in the box, but no longer squats, and ends up urinating on the wall behind the box, or onto the floor in front of it. She doesn't urinate anywhere else in the house, and always stands in the box. she just inst squatting. Could this be a health issue?

    Hi Melanie,
    I recommend that you call and talk with your local veterinarian about this question. This type of behavior can be from an underlying medical issue like a urinary tract infection or a physical issue that is causing pain if she squats. However, this could also be primarily a behavior issue. Your vet knows her medical history and can let you know if she needs to be examined again to rule out any underlying medical or physical causes. If there is an underlying cause, then addressing that issue will usually resolve the behavior. If this is primarily a behavior issue, your vet can work with you on a behavior modification plan that is specific to your cat and her environment.

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