• Hello! I adopted a cat a month ago, and the paper work from the shelter says its a boy, but I took my baby to his comprehensive examination, the vet told me it is a girl and the microchip number was different from the paper work when she scanned.. I call the shelter to get the right paper work, and it seems the paper work is right and just the microchip was wrong. So now I don't know if my baby its a boy or a girl

    Hi Juliana,
    Congratulations on your new kitten! Telling the gender of young kittens can be difficult prior to sexual maturity. To know for sure I recommend that you call your veterinarian. They can look back at the medical notes and see if the pet’s gender was definitively identified. If there is still some confusion they may recommend that you take him/her into be examined. They will then be able to tell you the gender for sure.

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