• Hello :) can BUN levels in dogs somehow lower? Took my 7 year old beagle mix to the vet and said her kidney wasn't working the same. BUN level went from 28 to 58 in 6 months and creatinine level = 2.0 does this mean its progressing or can diet or my pup being nervous affect her BUN levels. she was changed to low protein diet and have to take her back in 2 weeks to see. Can these levels ever lower? I know kidney damage is permanent but can these numbers improve? Thank you so much!

    Hi Tatiana,
    I recommend that you talk to your local vet about your concerns. The BUN and creatinine can lower with certain treatments. The kidney diets with lower protein can help to lower BUN. Her hydration status can also effect these numbers. Part of treating and managing for kidney disease is to control these numbers. Your vet can give you answers that are specific to your pet and recommend any other treatments that your pet needs.

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