• Hello Banfield, how are you? We are currently deployed overseas with Babu and have been giving him his shots as due through a credited doctor. May I send you the records that we have done so you would have an updated record on your side? We appreciate the reminders you guys have sent us for when Babu is due for his shots which is why we are able to keep him up to date over here! Thank you for your time and hope to hear back from you soon, Ravi Bedi

    Hi Ravi, thanks for your service. Unfortunately, I do not have access to any medical records so I can’t add these vaccines to his record. If you contact the Banfield Hospital where he was seen in the past they should be able to enter them into his medical records. I also recommend that you make sure to keep the records of all the care he receives while you are deployed. When you return it will be easy for his Banfield vet to read through all the care he received including vaccines and they can update his entire medical record as needed.

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