• How can I find healthy treats for my dog?

    It's always great to hear about responsible pet owners who are conscientious of what their pets eat.

    There are many safe and healthy dog treats available both online, and in pet stores. There are even healthy recipes if you are so inclined to make treats yourself for your pet. Generally speaking, consistency, quality, and moderation are most important when it comes to your pet's diet. The key with any food or treat is to avoid additives, fillers, preservatives, toxic ingredients and over or under feeding.

    Safety is another factor when it comes to giving your dog treats. For instance — lots of dogs love ice, but like any treat, it is important that you monitor your pet to ensure the treat is eaten safely. If you have concerns about your pet being overweight or other health issues, consult with your veterinarian on the best healthy dog treats for your individual pet.

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