• Why does my puppy hiccup a lot? Also, I switched his food and he doesn't like the new stuff. so I bought some wet food. Is this a good idea? If so, what wet food should I buy? He's on large-breed puppy food.
  • I am thinking of adopting a cat who has a yellowish discharge coming from his eyes - the rescue called it a "cold." He's been taken back to the vet after the rescue said his eyes were not clearing up from the antibiotics and medicine he was prescribed. He is still eating, still very affectionate, and the rescue tells me that "colds" like this are common. They advised me to put Viralys on his food daily when he gets here. Should I be concerned about adopting this cat? Do these "colds" really clear up?
  • What could be causing my dog to growl and snap at people in the house, or corner them and just be aggressive? He had always a sweet and shy puppy.
  • What do you do when your dog has a cut on his paw?
  • We just adopted this dog and has been with us for 9 days. She's sneezing blood and I'm deeply stressed and concerned. What could cause such a thing?
  • We rescued a four-week-old kitten who's recently been having real runny stools with an occasional a few drops of blood in them. We plan on taking her into a Banfield this Saturday so she can get her shots and a general checkup. Is there anything we can do until then to help ease her stomach?
  • Hello - what should I do to prepare for my 4 month old Goldendoodle's first flight? Do I need to medicate him in any way?
  • It looks like my dog has broken the outer layer of her canine tooth off. From my research it seems to look like an uncomplicated crown fracture. She does not seem to be in pain and is eating and drinking normally. Can I wait a month to bring her in for her annual cleaning? Will that require any intervention?
  • We have friends who just had their puppy diagnosed with Parvo. The puppy is coming home tomorrow. We are supposed to go to their house this weekend - four days after his return form the hospital. Is it possible to bring the virus home and put our dogs at risk? They are about to be two years old and are fully vaccinated.
  • Why does my dog bark at and attack the vacuum cleaner? How do I train him not to do this?
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