• My puppy got a wound that looks like a scratch on his lower eyelid. How should I treat the wound and to keep it from infection?
  • My 8-month-old puppy is still teething, but I noticed that both of his lymph nodes are swollen. Is this part of the teething process, or should I be concerned? He also has an undescended testicle, is that normal for his age?
  • I have a one-year-old male dwarf hamster that has a bump on his tummy. It looks like a scab where his belly button would be, and the area around it is bald because he scratches it so much. What I can do for him?
  • My kitten keeps sneezing and has watery eyes. What is causing this?
  • We just adopted this dog who has been with us for nine days. She's sneezing blood and I'm deeply concerned. What could cause such a thing?
  • We just had our dog spayed this afternoon, and she has shown every sign of good recovery: lots of sleeping, walking fine, eating well, urinated and defecated soon after we got home. Then, two hours later, she wanted to go outside again but could not have a bowel movement. She walked backwards trying, then looking forlorn, and just laid down in the grass. Should we be concerned?
  • We're having our dog spayed and we are curious how long it will take before she can safely walk up and down the stairs to our townhouse. We don't want to rush her recovery and risk her well being.
  • Sometimes, my cat uses the litter box and doesn't cover it up. Is there a reason, or is that normal?
  • Today I took my 12-year-old Boston terrier to Banfield Pet Hospital for her comprehensive exam. The vet noticed a small cyst below the eye and said it needed to be removed. Otherwise it could become a tumor & cause her pain. As of right now my dog sees just fine and isn't in any pain.

    Do you recommend a 12-year-old dog having this small cyst surgically removed even though she's in no pain?
  • My dog has recently started reacting to noises like bells, car alarms, and cooking timers. He becomes nervous and will seek me out in the house, staying by my side for a few minutes before he goes back to normal. He's never done this before. He also acts as if he hears something in another room when there isn't any noise that I can hear. I had the vet check his ears and they didn't find anything. Is this due to age or could it be something else?
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