• My nearly eighteen-year-old dog is acting strange: he doesn't eat the way he used to, his nose is dry, and he appears to forget what he is doing or where he is at times. For example, sometimes when he walks, he stops and appears lost. What could be causing this?
  • My cat is overweight, at about twenty pounds. What would be a good weight for her?
  • I just adopted a 3-5 month old female puppy. At what age should we have her spayed? What age should she have her first vaccination shots?
  • My dog has a bleeding sore on his back that I wash and clean daily. In a week's time, the sore has turned into a lump. Is this something that is going to go away or do I need to come in to see the doctor?
  • Why does my dog bark every time our phone rings or someone comes to our door? She is fine at dog parks or pet stores, but as she has gotten older (now 7), she has shown a few incidents of aggression towards dogs and a few people. How can I correct this problem? Would it be a good idea to adopt a second dog to help my current dog with separation anxiety issues whenever I have to leave her alone?
  • What are symptoms of the Lyme disease vaccine for dogs?
  • My dog seems to urinate very frequently: after I have just taken her outside she has to go, immediately after she wakes she pees, and I am up constantly during the night because she has peed in her crate. I have cut back her water intake but that didn't change anything. Please help!
  • Are dogs affected by high pollen and humidity levels? My dog, Luke, has been coughing a lot this Spring, especially after he has been outdoors. Thanks.
  • My dog has a black spot on the hairless part of her belly. It looks like a clogged pore, almost like a blackhead. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago, and last night I noticed that the black part was protruding more. I squeezed it gently and a small amount of a black, paste-like substance came out. I didn't get all of it out, and there is still a black mark. It doesn't appear to be irritated and she leaves it alone. I am not sure if this is normal or if I should bring her in for an appointment. Let me know what you think.
  • My six-month-old puppy has started chewing more things after we've had him a couple of months. What could be causing this and how do I get him to stop?
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