• Finn just turned 10 weeks and we had him for almost 2 weeks now. He's still young but I don't know what's considered normal puppy behavior or not. Golden Retrievers are known for being friendly and gentle but he has an attitude problem. It's not all day everyday, but it's pretty frequent. When I train him to do tricks on my command, and I don't give him treats right away for not doing the command or I delay, he growls then bites my shirt and pants. Another day, my friend and I were eating snacks one day and he started barking/growling at me for not giving him any. We haven't given him any sort of human food so he shouldn't even know that he can have some. And another day, I was just looking at him and he came and growled at me. And also, we dropped him off at a friend's house with adult dogs. When their Golden Retriever dog (who is about 1 year old) was being playful with him, my puppy got annoyed and kept growling at him. What are some methods to stop the growling?

    Hi Jean,
    I recommend that you work with your local veterinarian or a local trainer to help address this issue. The growling and potential food aggression can become worse and it will be best to perform behavior modification at this age instead of when he is an adult. The exact behavior modification plan that will work best for him will depend on a few different factors including the exact trigger for the behavior, how long it lasts, and his overall health. Your vet or trainer can work with you on a behavior modification plan that is designed for him.

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