• My dog is on Rimadyl and Denamarin, is there a human equivalent that would be cheaper that I could give him instead? email me at npainter@zoomtown.com Patricia Painter
  • 'How Do You Brush A 'Cat's Teeth?
  • I have a 13-yr old male Maltese, who has been recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He’s taking 2 medications since December 2018. He also has a cardiologist. He’s been having this cough that was first a respiratory infection. He was given antibiotics and it went away. Then it came back few weeks later BUT it’s a dry cough no secretions...he seems to cough not as often but when he barks a lot or sometimes just out of nowhere, after he naps for example. He also took a cough suppressant prescribed by his vet for 2-weeks. It helped but he still coughs...is there anything else we can do at home? I’ve reading online about giving small amount of honey, to soothe his throat...is that ok?
  • I do the dna test and I never received the results
  • I recently palpated a mass in my 12yo Boston terrier’s abdomen. After an X-ray revealed a mass it was confirmed to be splenic in origin via ultrasound. There was some evidence that it may have had some bleeding already and so likely to be a Hemangiosarcoma (although technically I was told it could still be benign). We are hesitant to put her through the splenectomy due to her age (and history of grade 4 murmur) and high likelihood that it would not improve overall longevity. However, I was wondering if she should be on any baseline pain management or if we should consider trying the herb Yunnan Baiyao. She seems to be relatively pain free but I worry we just might now be able to tell.
  • Overnight 8 month old puppy began having yellow, runny diarrhea approximately every hour. He also vomited last night and this afternoon. He is an otherwise healthy intact male Miniature Australian Shepherd. He drinks and eats ok. No change in food. Energy level seems ok. What actions do you recommend that I take?
  • Hi, I have a 6 month old tuxedo. I have been noticing that his fur is a little brownish. He had a little bit of this coloration when he was about 8 weeks old but its becoming more noticeable. I don't know if that's just his coat color or if he's tyrosine deficient. He eats only wet food and u make sure that the first ingredient is a meat with no byproducts. Is this something I should be worried about or is it normal for black cats to have brownish coats.
  • My question pertains to recent radiographs performed on my dog Brody. On 3/24/2019, abdominal radiographs were taken which revealed a mass near or in his lung. Unfortunately, the radiographs were not clear and the vet could not draw any real conclusions. Should an ultrasound of his chest be performed and would you recommend any additional testing? In addition, radiographs were done on 10-18-2018 and Brody's plan renewed on 1-16-2019. I was charged by the Spartanburg Banfield Hospital for this set of radiographs. I believe that the radiographs should have been free since 3 views are included in his Special Care Plan. If he did not have any radiographs done since 1-16-2019, there should have been no charge for the service. I look forward to a prompt reply.
  • I have noticed over the last month or so my dog's pink eyelid has turned a black in the outer corner. Should I be concerned and bring him in?
  • My Bernese Mountain dog has developed a rash on his groin/underside area. He is trying to lick and bite it often which results in scabs and more redness. This has been going on for about a month now. We are wondering what the cause of this may be.
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