• Hi my puppy is just 7 months old and 3.8 pounds she just got her period should I call the vet for an appointment
  • How long should I monitor a dog that ate chocolate on Saturday night (vomited within an hour or 2 from ingestion) and has been acting normal and eating since? We found out Monday AM that it was chocolate that cause her to get sick.
  • Hello, Rosie was seen on Saturday at Banfield. I brought her in as an "urgent" appointment. The reason was that she wasn't feeling herself, her Vulva is swollen to about 3 times it's normal size and she keeps licking it. The Vet said she might have "Ovarie Remnant Syndrome. So far she hasn't bled, but I'm concerned about her sending off the scent of a dog in heat. I walk her several times a day and dogs she comes in contact with don't seem to go crazy, like I think they would if she was giving off the scent. My question is, can they still have the scent with this condition she has? I read the info on the internet as to how serious an issue this is, as it can cause cancer. Rosie has already had a lumpectomy. Thanks for your help.
  • I am looking for a recommendation for a good water additive for tartar and plaque. Thank-you
  • My dog had diarrhea twice last night and one time last Saturday. What do you recommend me to do? Everything else is normal. He eats and drinks normal. No sign of change in behavior.
  • JoJo was seen by his vet who diagnosed him with demodectic mange. JoJo was given antibiotics which haven’t really helped because he still bites the spots, scratches incessantly, and is shedding horribly. Are there any other treatments for this type of mange? To actually rid him of the mites? Are the treatments OTC? I don’t want to dip him because he is anxious while bathing but he’s in pain and scratches through the night.
  • Cleo was reported to have a heart murmur during her Nov 2018 exam. Her Dec 2018 dental work was deferred because she would have been sedated. Can I get a 2nd opinion on the heart murmur from another Vet at the Banfield Springfield VA office, so I can schedule her Comprehensive Exam and have her teeth cleaned?
  • Is cbd oil safe for dogs? I found a med that combined cbd with glucosamine, msm and salmon oil that I would like to start my 7 and 9 year old dogs on. The 9 year old has difficulty moving on some days and our 7 year old would benefit from the preventative aspect.
  • We gave our dog, Bruno, a bath on Sunday and a couple hours later Bruno starting squinting one eye. We think maybe shampoo got in his eye. It is wednesday night as I’m typing this, and he is squinting, and a lot of tears are being produced. His eye appears to be red and a maybe cloudy from what we can tell. The cloudiness may just be all the tears and discharge coming out of his eye. He tries to wipe his eye, and is acting a lot more antsy/stressed. I saw online that we should take our dog to the vet as soon as possible, but the earliest appointment we could get is on Sunday, is it okay for him to wait that long? We don’t want him to go blind. At the moment, it just seems to be uncomfortable/painful but not unbearable as he is still excited about food, toys, and doing his usual routine. Is it possible for him to go blind from dog shampoo going in his eye? And will it be ok for him to wait till Sunday?
  • Hello, My Rosie has been diagnosed with a Bladder Infection. She's been given antibiodicts. I wanted to know if I could give her some of the home remedies like apple cider vinegar in her water, or feeding her blueberries/cranberries in her food. I got these off the internet, but it says to check with her vet first before I start doing these things. What do you suggest? Thank you.
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