• My dog's breath smells like fish.
  • My data toe is swollen. What can I do to help the swelling go down?
  • My dog, Ryder, has been showing aggressive behavior occasionally. Are there tests that can find an unlaying cause? This is a recent development and I'm worried it could become worse. Ryder is a pit mix.
  • My dog just had a breathing spasm for about 15 seconds. She was walking around beforehand and there did not seem to be an antecedent. I'm concerned because this is the third one in four days. With all of them, she was able to get her breathing back under control and return to normal behavior but I wanted to make sure there wasn't something else going on. She also did not finish her breakfast this morning (not sure if this is related or not).
  • My Schnauzer was recently diagnosed with diabetes. What kind of behavioral changes could indicate complications and we should be on the lookout for?
  • My dog takes Trifexis Green (20.1-40lbs) for heartworm and flea prevention but today I found a tick on her and realized she has no tick preventative. Is there one I can combine with trifexis or something that does all three things?
  • Yesterday morning Iris had thrown up, and had some bloody diarrhea, when I got home about 6 last night I gave her some chicken broth and rice , poop is still not solid. It’s more mushy now . But it’s definitely not liquid anymore but there’s still some tints of blood in it. To prepare for what I will expect at the vet, should I be taking her in ASAP? Or try to see if it was something that upset her stomach? She’s acting completely normal and is hyper and jumping and ready to play.
  • Shedding has become excessive is there anything we can do to stop it?
  • My dog just had a tooth extraction (Monday). Her cyst rupture two days before the procedure so now it's a scab. I'm planning to take her to the groomer on Friday (4 days after the procedure). She is acting very active and she is back to eating her regular food portions. Should I take her or wait? She will be having an expedite groom. So she won't be in a kennel either. Thank you.
  • Should my dogs spay incision be leaking ?
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