• I have just moved to a new city and plan to breed my dog. We forgot to get the yearly Lyme Vaccine updated, so my dog is about 4 months behind. Can she just get a booster? If she picked up Lyme Disease out hunting will that infect the puppies?

    Excellent questions in regards to Lyme disease. Best to make an appointment, to meet with your new veterinarian and discuss your concerns. They will be able to give you all the information you are requesting and also address any other concerns that may come up, especially with the potential of transferring to people and the breeding precautions.

    In regards to the vaccinations, if a pet has not received a particular vaccination or is over due, they need to be revaccinated with the same type within 2-4 wks to assure that there is adequate coverage.

    It is also important to assure that your pet is fully vaccinated prior to breeding to help with protection for her and the puppies.

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