• My dog has lost weight and has had a swollen foot that looks infected. What caused this and how can I help?

    Sorry to hear that your pet has a foot that looks infected. With a physical exam, a review of your pet’s medical records, and maybe some tests, your veterinarian can tell what is causing your pet’s specific problem.

    In general, infections can occur for a variety of reasons, including a wound or puncture (sometimes very small and not obvious), blunt trauma where tissue is very damaged underneath, by spreading from some other site in the body or from the skin if a surface bacterial infection (etc) exists, and more.

    Also, some pets can have difficulty fighting infections if their immune system is suppressed or if they have an underlying disease. Significant swelling and loss of body weight are very concerning.

    Some serious infections may need extensive antibiotic therapy, surgical wound drainage/removal of affected tissue or even hospitalization and supportive care.

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