• Since I have moved to a new home, my three-month-old puppy has not been eating well. She has, however, been very happy and busy exploring her new environment. Is this a problem?

    It's good that you're paying attention to your puppy's appetite - the main concern with puppies that small is that they can't go very long without eating. They just don't have the resources.  It's also good that she seems bright and happy, but a health check by a veterinarian is warranted. 

    Teething can cause mild discomfort but shouldn't make her not eat for that many days, and whether or not she is vaccinated is a factor - one of the things your veterinarian would be able to help you rule out is infectious disease causing her decreased appetite. 

    If all is normal and she is just being picky, they can help you get her over that as well! 


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