• How can I stop my dog from eating his poop?

    It is very understandable that you would be concerned about your dog eating their feces, and it is great you are willing to work with your pet regarding this undesirable behavior. 
    Before starting any sort of behavioral training though, it’s important to take your pet to visit your veterinarian to ensure that they are not suffering from any underlying health issues that would cause them to be reacting with this behavior. 
    Once you have ruled out any possible medical issues, the concern can be addressed from a behavioral standpoint. Addressing this issue as soon as possible will result in a more successful outcome. Your veterinarian should be able to refer you to a pet behaviorist in your area, if that is the step that needs to be taken.
    Did you know that eating poop is called “coprophagia?” You can learn more about coprofagia in this informative dog health handout.


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