• Dear Banfield team, Last time my cat (domestic longhair, name - Chups) was taking an exam w/ Banfield specialists, the need on taking the dental cleaning was identified. Can you please help answering the following questions (the last one is a bit dumb, and I'm sorry for it in advance): 1) are there any pre-visit tips for the dental cleaning? E.g. should the cat be fasting prior the procedure or anything else? 2) how much time does it usually take? 3) what are the examinations being done before the dental cleaning? How are the Banfiend specialists identifying if the pet has any risks related to going under anesthesia? 4) is it possible to stay with pet until he/she will be taken under anesthesia? My cat is really sensitive when it goes to dealing with unfamiliar people (especially doing something strange to him, which definitely applies to the medical procedures :)), and the last medical exam lead to severe stress for him. He was nervous and feeling down for about a week and a half after the last exam. Before we started using the Banfield I actually was solving it with being with my cat during the medical procedures. I realize this is a bit strange request, but if this option is possible (staying with pet until he will be taken under anesthesia), I will really appreciate your help. Cheers, Dina

    Hi Dina,
    I recommend that you call and talk to your local Banfield Hospital about these questions. The exact way the procedure will be performed will depend on the individual hospital and pet. Your vet knows your pet’s medical history so they can give you answer that are specific to your pet. In general, we recommend no food for at least 8 hours prior to the procedure but water is okay. Your vet will perform a physical exam and a full panel of blood work prior to anesthesia. If there are issues seen, they will discuss these with you prior to the anesthesia. The dental appointment usually lasts all day, you would drop him off in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon. As far as staying with him until he is sedated your hospital will be best at answering that.

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