• Currently my dog is taking heartworm monthly. Is that something that he has to take monthly for the rest of his life or does the dose get reduced as he gets older?

    Hi Steven,
    I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian as they know your pet’s medical history and can give you advice about your individual pet. In general, it is recommended to keep most dogs on heartworm prevention year round. The monthly medications should be given year round at the same time every month. Heartworm disease is much easier and cheaper to prevent than it is to treat. All it takes is one mosquito bite in an unprotected dog to transmit heartworms. Once they are present they cause permanent damage to the heart and lungs. There are other formulations of heartworm prevention including an injection given by your vet every 6 months. Your vet can recommend the prevention that will be best for your dog based on his age, breed, weight, overall health, and the environment that he is exposed to.

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