• Cat had surgery today to remove tooth and to treat ear infection. It is 8 hours after release and she is not good. Her one eye pupil is huge and the other eye is not centered. They gave her pain meds and said she would sleep. She has not slept. Stairs at ceiling and when you call her name she turns opposite direction. She staggers and falls. HER EYE LOOKS BLOWN. It is obvious she can't see out of it. Will this improve? Not happy.

    Hi Steve,
    I recommend that you take your cat into see a veterinarian immediately if you have not already done so. The signs that you are describing are very concerning and not usually seen after anesthesia. Your vet can talk to you about the potential causes for this after they have examined her. The treatment that she needs and the prognosis will depend on the underlying cause and severity of her symptoms.

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