• I'm thinking about getting a bird. What type tends to be very interactive with their owner?

    If you are interested in having a bird as a companion and you would like a bird that is interactive mostly with you, the cockatiels are probably one of the most common, smaller birds and are know for being very interactive and cuddly.  They tend to be better whistlers and singers also. 

    One breed, which isn’t as common, is the Pionus Parrot.  They aren't as colorful, but what they lack in color, they make up for in love and gentleness.  They are more sedate than most birds and tend not to be loud, which in itself, can be a blessing. 

    When anyone is looking for a bird, it is good to talk with others that own birds and see how their lives are different with a bird, whether it is positive or negative.  Birds can be wonderful companions and are often times overlooked.  In addition, most parrots have a longer life span than cats and dogs, so the friendship can grow! 

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