• Beaux has a scrape on his nose that looks raw and is a bright pink color. I think he may have scraped his nose when he sprained his leg yesterday. He was examined by a Banfield vet yesterday evening for his leg sprain. His nose looks like it got worse since yesterday, perhaps because he's licking it. I have a photo I can text you if that's possible. What can I do to treat the scrape, or should I let it heal on its own?

    Hi Harry,
    I recommend that you call and talk to your local Banfield veterinarian about this issue. They know your pet and since they just examined him they can give you the best advice on what is needed. Usually if it is just a scrape it will resolve on its own and not worsen like you are describing. Your vet can recommend the best thing for him and let you know if he should be examined for the nose issue or if there is some treatment that you can try at home.

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