• ALKP ALT/SGPT 1.15.18 455.00 138.00 3.13.18 424.00 106.00 12.09.18 554.00 140.00 The above are my dogs labs results. In January of 2018 we started her on milk thistle/liver supplements. Good results for a bit with the help of loosing a little weight, but nothing crazy with good results. But then recently I see a crazy spike in her numbers. What could the possible reason be and do i need her on a special diet? I dont want her to become sick and would love any opinions on what i can do to help her liver function. Thank you Randi Kugel

    Hi Randi,
    I recommend that you call and talk to your local veterinarian about this question. ALKP and ALT are liver enzymes but elevations can also be from other diseases or even certain medications. The significance of any lab work will depend on the individual pet. Your vet knows your pet and her overall medical history so they will be able to give you answers that are specific to her.

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