• 1) My puppy who is almost 5 months old, bites his front paws/claws., and I noticed he usually does it when he is tired. Is that normal? 2) Also, my puppy chews on everything such as, the furniture, feet, shoes, etc. due to he his teething. How long will his teething phase last? And are there any suggestions to soothe his teething? Thank you so much! Celeste Lara

    Hi Celeste, thanks for your questions. For the biting at his paws I recommend that you take him into see a veterinarian. This is not something that is usually seen in puppies. It can potentially be caused by an underlying medical or physical issue. Your vet can talk to you more about the cause of this and any treatment that he needs after they have examined him.

    With the chewing on everything this is a somewhat normal behavior in puppies and can be related to teething. Most dogs have all of their adult teeth by 6 months of age but the chewing can potentially last longer than that. It is important to try and keep him from chewing on things as it could potentially cause and issue if he ingests any foreign material. With the chewing if you can put him in his crate or in a small area when you are not able to watch him. This will keep him safe and you can provide appropriate toys in his kennel. When he is out of the kennel when you see him starting to chew on something that he shouldn’t the best thing is to try and redirect the chewing to an appropriate toy. If these do not work I recommend that you talk to your vet about this. They can work with you on a behavior modification plan that is specific to your puppy.

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