• We have friends who just had their puppy diagnosed with Parvo. The puppy is coming home tomorrow. We are supposed to go to their house this weekend - four days after his return form the hospital. Is it possible to bring the virus home and put our dogs at risk? They are about to be two years old and are fully vaccinated.

    Parvo is usually a disease of puppies and the risk to your adult dogs that are fully vaccinated is small.  It is possible for parvo to still be present in the home environment through prior contamination from the early stages of the disease. Parvo can stay in the environment for up to 7 months. Cleaning contaminated indoor areas and then disinfecting with a diluted bleach solution will kill the virus. If the puppy is cured of parvo then he should not be actively shedding at the time of your visit. Your veterinarian knows your pets and their medical and vaccination history. They can talk to you more about the specific risks to your pets. 

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