• What are the chances that a dog's pregnancy lasts seventy-seven days? My dog is not at a consistent temperature, fluctuating in the 100s of degrees for the past two weeks.

    I recommend that you take her in to see a veterinarian. Dogs usually have a gestation length of 65 days. However it can be a few days longer or shorter than that. However, 77 days would be rare. Your veterinarian can examine her and let you know if she is pregnant. If she is pregnant and is past her due date then she may need some medical treatment to help with the birth of the puppies. If the puppies are not viable or if there are other issues it could be potentially life threatening.  
    Dogs can have natural variations in temperature due to environmental factors as well as the amount of exercise of even stress prior to taking their temperature. The temperature usually drops in the hours prior to giving birth but this is not always reliable. The normal range in dogs is between 99.5 and 102.5 so her temperature is normal. In her case with her normal being between 99.5 and 101.0 it may be that her temp would drop below that in the hours prior to giving birth. Your veterinarian can examine her to see if she is pregnant and give you advice that is more specific to her. 

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