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How to Keep Cats Calm While Visiting the Vet

How to Keep Cats Calm While Visiting the Vet

Most cat owners know all too well that their cats don’t like to visit the vet, which in turn, makes owners dread taking them there in the first place.

Part of the issue is transporting a cat to the vet. This should be done using a secure carrier. Getting your cat into the carrier is often a hard thing to do, but keeping the carrier out in your home and encouraging your cat to enter it voluntarily by placing treats, meals or toys inside, can help make the carrier a more inviting place. After all, if something good happens when your cat enters the carrier most of the time, you’ll be creating a positive association with it.

Once in the hospital’s waiting area, your cat should remain in the carrier and not left in a vulnerable location such as the floor. Whenever possible, place the carrier on a secure, quiet, raised surface away from nearby dogs.

You may be tempted to reach inside the carrier to comfort your distressed cat but this could lead to an escape. The primary reaction for most cats is to flee when they are frightened, so carrier doors should remain latched until the cat is in a secure area.

In the exam room, your cat may prefer to stay inside the carrier so one with a removable top can help. Also, cats are known for their curiosity and once they’re inside a secure exam room, you might open the door of the carrier to let your cat exit on its own, so long as there are no open cabinets or items that could be knocked off an elevated surface.