Keeping Cats Safe and Happy During the Holidays

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Is your cat more of a wall flower than a party animal? With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s important to recognize that celebrations can bring with them the potential for stress.
During the holidays, houses are often filled with additional family members and friends. This can create a crowded, noisy atmosphere that can be overwhelming for your cat. You may want to give your cat its own quiet space to retreat to, complete with fresh water and a place to lounge.

Frightened cats might want to hide out under a piece of furniture, in their carrier or in a separate room away from the chaos. It’s also a good idea to make guests aware that your cat may not be open to visits from strangers. This will help keep your cat from having to fend off unwelcome advances from well-intentioned friends and family.
Cat escapes seem to rise during the time of year when there are many guests in the house. Remember to keep an eye on the entrances and exits of your home in order to keep your cat from escaping. Now would also be the time to make sure your cat has a properly fitting collar with ID tags.
Though it may not always be easy, do your best to keep your cat’s schedule intact. Cats can be very skeptical of change and even small shifts in a daily routine can cause anxiety.
In short, while you’re enjoying the holidays be sure to keep in mind the four-legged members of your household so everyone can have a happy season.