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Pets Benefit Seniors

Pets Benefit Seniors

Many people realize pets are fun to snuggle, walk and play fetch with, but few know that pets also have been proven to help us live healthier lives!

Pets especially help extend the life, health and happiness of seniors. Activities such as walking, feeding, grooming and playing with a pet all help improve the well-being of seniors.

Here are some “dog-gone” interesting facts about how pets can add a smile and better health to the lives of our aging parents or grandparents.

  • Furry companions have been proven to ease loneliness and keep the blues away (depression is one of the most common medical problems facing seniors today).
  • Studies suggest that having a pet or even having contact with a pet can lower blood pressure.
  • Research indicates a link between having a pet and an increased survival rate for cardiac patients.
  • Health benefits of having a pet include decreased stress, reduced bone loss, lowered cholesterol levels and improved blood circulation.
  • Seniors with a pet are more likely to be active and less likely to become sedentary
  • Regularly walking a pet helps keep seniors fit and supports weight management.