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My dog is shedding. What should I do?

My dog is shedding. What should I do?

If you're seeing large amounts of pet hair collecting around your home, don't worry -- it's common. Shedding is normal for most canine breeds. A few breeds, such as Poodles, do not shed significantly and need routine coat trims.

Reasons for Significant Shedding

Pets that shed will do so throughout the year. Shedding is often increased:

  • In the spring and fall
  • During stress
  • During illness
  • During pregnancy or nursing

Dealing With Extra Shedding

Routine coat brushing and grooming will reduce the amount of hair your pet leaves on furniture and on you. There are some coat care products that may have partial effectiveness to reduce shedding. A veterinary examination is appropriate if you feel the shedding is really excessive or any skin or general health problems exist. There are medical conditions that can increase shedding.