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How to Prepare For a New Cat

How to Prepare For a New Cat

Adopting a cat or kitten is a very generous act, but shouldn’t be done on a whim. Once you’re ready to bring a cat into your family, you should prepare your home for the newest member of your family.


Download our Shopping for Your New Cat Handout for a list of of important things you’ll want to buy for your pet, or browse the information below.

Food and Water: Make sure to have fresh water available for your new pet at all times. When picking out cat food, consider the dry foods for healthier teeth and gums. Banfield suggests high quality diets like Royal Canin® diets. Make sure you buy the food formulated for the age of your cat.

Litter Box: Even if you’re adopting a kitten, you’ll want to buy a litter box big enough for a full-grown cat. Consider keeping more than one litter box in the house, especially if you have multiple cats. The rule is, you should have one box per cat, plus one additional box.

Carrier: Using a carrier to transport your cat actually gives them a sense of comfort and security. You’ll want it when taking your cat home, on vacations, or to the vet.

Collars: We suggest only buying your cat breakaway collars, specifically designed for felines.

Toys and Scratching Posts: Toys will help to entertain your cat when you’re not home or can’t play with them. A scratching post will help your pet maintain his or her own claws. It will also help keep a cat from scratching your furniture.

Grooming Aids: There are a couple different types of grooming tools you’ll want for preventive care.

  • Flea comb. This can be used to check your pet for fleas regularly. The comb is also good for your pet’s skin.
  • Wash mitt & brush. You can use a wash mitt and brush to help keep your pet clean and protect his or her coat.

Many of these items can be used to make your new cat feel safe and at home. For more on how to welcome your new cat properly, read the article on creating a cat friendly home.

Learn More

If you have further questions about preparing for a new cat, or about cat health care, contact your local Banfield Pet Hospital. Our pet health experts will be happy to give you answers, or help set up an appointment for your new cat to see one of our veterinarians.

Also ask about our Optimum Wellness Plans. Each plan is built around your pet’s specific needs. The kitten plan also comes with deworming and the spay or neuter surgery.

Learn more about your pet’s health by reading in the Preventive Care section of our website, or by reading these suggested articles.