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How To Create A Cat Friendly Home

How To Create A Cat Friendly Home

When adding a cat or kitten to your family, it’s always best to allow him or her to be an indoor pet. Cats who live inside have longer, healthier lives compared to their outdoor counterparts. With a feline in the family, it’s best to create a cat friendly home. This means you take your pet’s needs and normal behaviors into consideration, creating an environment that supports the cat’s health and welfare.

How to Create the Environment

There are several easy things you can do to make sure your cat can be comfortable and thrive in your home.

Provide a comfortable and quiet place for your cat. The pet will appreciate a place he or she can escape and not be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of house activity.

Give you cat elevated places to perch. Whether the pet can climb on shelves, or you buy special cat trees, it’s best he or she has high places to view the entire home. Make the perches soft by using a cat bed, towels or fleece blankets. Try to make a perch near a window so your cat can sunbathe and view the outdoors.

Invest in scratching posts and pads. Place several of them in high-traffic areas and near your cat’s favorite resting spots. These posts and pads will help your cat maintain his or her claws.

Have plenty of litter boxes. The rule of thumb is to have as many boxes as you have cats, plus one additional box. Make sure the boxes are accessible and cleaned daily.

Keep wheat grass on hand as a special treat. You can buy small containers of wheat grass at grocery stores, pet stores, or in catalogs. Place the grass around the house on occasion for your cat to nibble on.

Interactions in a Cat Friendly Home

Naturally, it’s best for your cat to be an indoor pet, but you may need to create opportunities for the feline to be physical. You can produce ways for them to be active and engaged.

  • Play games using laser lights, flicking feathers, or catnip toys
  • Hide the food dish and let your cat hunt in the house for his or her daily meals
  • Add empty cardboard boxes to the home
  • Move a cat tree around the room occasionally
  • Set aside cuddle time


Purchases for Your New Kitten or Cat

When welcoming a new pet into your new home, you’ll need to do a little shopping. Here’s a list of the items you’ll want to buy before bringing home your new cat.

  • Food
  • Litter box
  • Treats
  • Carrier
  • Collars
  • Toys and scratching posts
  • Grooming aids
For more specific information on the purchases you should make for your new kitten, read the article.


Learn More

If you’re looking for more ways to create a cat friendly home, or you have other cat health questions, contact your local hospital. Our pet health experts would love to answer questions or help set up an appointment with a Banfield veterinarian.

Also consider asking about an Optimum Wellness Plan. Each plan is built around your pet’s specific needs. Every plan includes comprehensive physical exams and routinely recommended vaccines.

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