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How can I trim my dog's toenails?

How can I trim my dog

You should handle your pet's feet and nails frequently and from as early an age as possible. Make it a pleasant experience. Offer a treat and lots of praise when he or she behaves positively during the handling. This will let him or her become used to having the toes and nails touched and allow for easier nail care.

Invest in a good nail trimmer. You will be glad you did. Canine nails contain nerves and blood vessels, or a "quick," just like ours. The pinkish colored quick is usually easy to see in light colored nails. It may be impossible to visualize in dark nails. Excessively long nails may have a significantly outgrown quick. If you can't see the quick, trim very small bits at a time from the end of the nail. You may need to repeat this frequently with over grown nails. Be prepared with a commercial styptic powder to apply to nails that may accidentally be cut too short and bleed.

If you are uncomfortable with trimming nails at home, have a professional groomer trim your pet.