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Grooming Overview

Grooming Overview

What type of grooming care does your pet need?


Many breeds require minimal or no hair clipping or shaving. Others may need regular attention.


Your pet likes to smell nice, too! Regular bathing can help keep the skin and coat in good condition. (Only use shampoo specifically created for dogs and cats.)


You should brush your pet every day and have a professional do the job every 4 to 6 weeks. A good brushing reduces shedding, improves circulation and can detect unhealthy parasites like ticks and fleas. These parasites can also infest your home and you.

Nail trimming:

Overgrown nails are more likely to break, split or be torn away. They can also cause discomfort or injury when your pet is walking.

Ear cleaning/plucking:

Dog’s ears are very susceptible to infection, wax buildup and ear mites. A careful cleaning with the right products can control or eliminate most problems. Alert your Banfield veterinarian if you notice excessive scratching or a foul odor from your pet’s ears.

Tooth and gum care:

For optimal oral hygiene, your dog’s teeth should be brushed daily to maintain fresh breath and prevent periodontal disease. A regularly scheduled professional toothbrushing is vital to catching problems. A regular visit to your Banfield veterinarian for scaling and cleaning is also a necessary component of proper oral care.

Did you know?

Make no mistake — cats need your help with grooming, too. Daily brushing can reduce hairballs. They’ll need you to see that their ears are clean and nails are trimmed. And while most don’t like it much — even cats need a bath from time to time!