Luis Sosa

Veterinary Assistant

Luis has been with Banfield since October of 2017 and it felt like home to him from the beginning. He started as a CSC and quickly developed into a veterinary assistant due to his natural ability to work closely with pets. His love for animals has always been a fixture in his life and since he was young, has aided several non-profit rescues. It only seemed right to work for a company whose purpose is to help our furry friends. Luis has 4 dogs (who run his world), 2 guinea pigs, 3 mice, and 4 zebra finches. He has a passion for 3-D art, ceramics, pottery, and sculpture, which he going to school for. He feels that a lot of his work with animals trickles over into his art which gives him a sense of fulfillment and connection between work and what he loves to do.