Dj Cannon

Practice Manager

Dj has devoted his life to understanding the inextricable link between humans, animals, and our world. As our practice manager, he manages budgets, engages teams, develops passionate veterinary leaders and strives for the best quality medical care in each and every patient. He speaks at various conferences on a wide range of topics and loves to be involved wherever possible. He graduated from Blue Ridge Community College’s LVT program in 2009 and continued his education to complete his MPH in epidemiology (communicable disease) at George Mason University in 2017. He is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in public health leadership/epidemiology. He lacks the ability to sit in one place and brings to us a wide variety of experiences in academia, small animal practice, zoo medicine, organizational transformation, and lean six sigma operational excellence. In his free time, Dj loves to travel on spontaneous adventures with his Australian shepherd, Dahlia.

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