Dr. Merari Cruz


Dr. Merari Cruz graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2006 and started her career with Banfield in 2008. She was born in Puerto Rico and raised in central Florida. In her free time, she enjoys visiting family in Orlando, playing at the park with her wonderful dog, Amelia, and enjoying the best of the gulf coast - sun and sand! "People ask me how I can do my job. Animals can't tell us what's wrong or where it hurts. I love the challenge. I have to play detective every day and use the clues I find to solve the cases and treat my patients. That's why I do it, and I love it! I believe the human-pet bond is as strong as it is important in our lives. I treat every patient as my own and provide the quality care that they deserve and that their owners want." Dr. Cruz habla español.

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