A Commitment to Quality Anesthesia

Explore Banfield’s anesthesia standards and protocols, and together we can strive to deliver safe, high quality healthcare to every pet, every time.

Banfield Pet Hospital is focused on creating a practice that places the delivery of quality veterinary care at the heart of everything we do. We strive to understand the needs of pets and clients to deliver safe, high-quality healthcare to every pet, every time. The quality of our anesthesia practices is built on a solid foundation of evidence-based standards and protocols, sound operational practices, a focus on patient safety and robust team member training and development programs.
Our commitment to the continuous improvement of our anesthesia standards and protocols supports our belief that we can create a better world for pets through the delivery of high-quality veterinary care.

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Clinical Essentials Huddle Cards

Get your team together and use these cards to learn about the standards of practice that they are committed to deliver.

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 Best Practice Huddle Card  Best Practice Huddle Card
 Best Practice Huddle Card Best Practice Huddle Card
Anesthesia Machine Checklist

Anesthesia Machine Checklist

Follow and complete this checklist before every general anesthesia procedure.

  • Check Anesthesia Cart Preventive Maintenance Sticker to ensure all maintenance has been performed (record date)
  • Verify Primary Oxygen source (record volume)
  • Verify available Back-Up Oxygen
  • Verify O2 Flowmeters are working
  • Verify Vaporizer is full and port is tightly closed (record volume)
  • Perform Anesthetic Machine Leak Test (If leak is present, DO NOT proceed. See troubleshooting guide.)
  • Verify Scavenging is on and functional
  • Verify CO2 absorbent is fresh or newly replaced (record date replaced)
  • Verify Monitoring equipment is functional
  • Verify Emergency Medication is available and expiration dates are checked