2020 Veterinary Emerging Topics (VET)™ Report

In this year’s report, we focus on the importance of weight management in pets and the impact weight has on pet quality of life, mobility, activity, and comfort as it relates to osteoarthritis.

A Growing Concern: Overweight and Obese Pets

The prevalence of overweight and obese pets continues to increase in the United States. Excess weight and fat are associated with some serious chronic conditions, including osteoarthritis. Maintaining a healthy weight and activity level are important factors in reducing a pet’s risk of developing this chronic disease. Whether osteoarthritis develops due to weight or other factors (e.g., genetics, trauma), it is important for the pet to maintain a healthy weight as part of the management of this irreversible condition.

2020 Vet Report In the 2020 Veterinary Emerging Topics (VET)™ Report, we identified overweight adult dogs in the Banfield patient population and focused on their ability to lose weight and the factors contributing to successful weight loss. Our findings suggest that while weight loss and maintenance is challenging, there is hope.

overweight adult dogs

The Data

Find out what we learned about the prevalence of overweight adult dogs and their ability to successfully lose weight.

excess weight in pets


As an industry, excess weight in pets is a problem, and while there are challenges, they can be addressed by veterinary professionals and pet owners.

improving our approach to managing weight


By understanding the challenges and continuously improving our approach to managing weight in pets, there is great potential to improve our success rate in pet weight loss.

Vet Report

Read the full report on the importance of weight management in pets as it relates to osteoarthritis.