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Learn more about Banfield Foundation grant opportunities for nonprofit organizations.

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Banfield Foundation Grant Programs

Through our grant programs, the Banfield Foundation is committed to supporting nonprofit organizations that provide veterinary assistance to pet owners and work to keep pets in homes with their families.

All applicants must be nonprofit organizations with proof of 501(c)(3) status and running programs that deliver assistance to pets and their owners living in the United States. If you have questions or want more information, please e-mail Darlene Schwartz or call her at 360-784-7866.

Veterinary Assistance Grants

Our Veterinary Assistance Grants provide financial support to nonprofit organizations to fund veterinary care programs for pet owners who meet established qualifications. Grants are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Before submitting your application, please review our required grant application materials to make certain that your application is in compliance with all guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE: If required materials are not included, your application will not be considered for funding.

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Pet Advocacy Grants

Our Pet Advocacy Grants support nonprofit organization programs that are designed to keep pets healthy and in loving homes.

We strongly encourage nonprofit organization leaders to contact us to discuss eligibility requirements before applying.

Pet Advocacy Grant application deadlines are October 31st and April 30th. Applications should arrive on or before the deadline date to be considered for funding for that cycle.

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Disaster Relief Grants

Our Disaster Relief Grants provide financial support to nonprofit animal organizations and/or local or state governments whose communities have suffered the impact of natural or other disasters.

Grants are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

We encourage nonprofit organizations to contact us to discuss eligibility requirements.

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Flea/Tick Grants

Our Flea/Tick Grants provide First Shield Trio™, a monthly topical spot-on product, to dogs weighing between 2.5 and 20 lbs.

Grantees can use this product for dogs in their care that have yet to be adopted and/or for owned dogs in their community.

Grants are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

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