We’re Mobilizing
Disaster Relief

Introducing Texas A&M's custom-built, ready-for-anything medical disaster response truck, sponsored by the Banfield Foundation

Built to Weather the Storm

With a Banfield Foundation sponsorship, the Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team designed a mobile response unit from the ground up. They completely customized a Ford® F-650 to create the ultimate vehicle for veterinary medical disaster response. With this truck, the team can drive through all kinds of weather conditions and serve the most vulnerable pets better than ever before.

Veterinary Emergency Team

Meet the Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team (VET)

VET deploys the largest, most sophisticated veterinary medical disaster response team in the country. About sixty faculty, staff, and student volunteers stay on the cutting-edge of emergency preparedness education, ensuring that animals impacted by disaster have a second chance at life.

Veterinary Emergency Team

Welcome to Disaster City®

Located in College Station, TX, this facility trains the Veterinary Emergency Team in search and rescue, where they learn everything from triage strategies to navigation.

Watch the video to see how students and faculty train at Disaster City® to ensure that they’re ready for anything at a moment’s notice.