Trying to escape an abusive relationship is hard enough on your own, but when kids and pets are also involved, it can feel insurmountable. That’s the position Jamie found herself in. As the domestic abuse reports and restraining orders piled up, she felt paralyzed to take action. Moving to a protective shelter with her kids would mean leaving her dogs behind in a dangerous house, and she just couldn’t bring herself to do that.
Then one day, she was given a flyer to Ahimsa House. Using funds from a $10,000 Banfield Foundation Pet Advocacy Grant, this organization was able to provide temporary shelter to Jamie’s dogs. Knowing her pets would be safe, she was able to focus on creating a new life for herself and her children.
Once she became self-reliant and had a place of her own, she was reunited with her dogs. Now, they are all thriving in their happy, healthy home environment.

Photo by Seth Casteel