As if being hit by a car wasn’t painful enough, Nola then had to endure being surrendered by her owners. When she came to Young-Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, both her body and her soul needed to heal. She was placed with a foster family who saw that Nola received the care and attention she needed, but it soon became clear the damage to her broken leg was too extensive, and an amputation was performed.
That may sound like a lot for one dog to handle, but Nola was surrounded by people who were dedicated to seeing her through the hard times. New surgery equipment, funded by a $13,315 Banfield Foundation Veterinary Medical Equipment Grant, meant Young-Williams had everything they needed to deliver critical care.
And best of all, after her surgery her foster family realized they couldn’t imagine their lives without Nola and decided to make her a permanent member of their family!

Photo by Seth Casteel