When Sean was hit by a car while bicycling home from work, the emergency costs quickly maxed out his insurance and with mounting medical bills, he eventually found himself, and his cats, without a place to live. He managed to keep his job but after going 10 days without eating so he could afford his cat’s prescription diet, he passed out at work. It was then he learned about Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) Team in Portland, OR, a nonprofit that provides pet-related services to the city’s homeless and low-income population.  A $25,000 grant from the Banfield Foundation has enabled PAW Team to expand their offerings to include critical veterinary care, including when Sean’s cat Coco needed dental extractions and his cat Otis needed surgery for a urinary tract blockage. After putting his cats’ needs first for so long, Sean finally has help to keep this family together.

“Thank you for not just being generous, but being compassionate and having empathy for people who are in need. Life happens to everybody and it happened to me too, I’m eternally grateful for my family staying together. It means everything to me.”  - Sean


Photo credit: Seth Casteel