Not long ago, Sophie was at the mercy of a neglectful owner who failed to provide for her basic needs. She was left to roam the streets, often in search of water and food. When a neighbor saw Sophie come within inches of being hit by a car, she couldn’t take it any longer. She approached the owner and asked if she could take Sophie and find her a new home. Thankfully, the owner agreed.
Sophie was taken to McKamey Animal Shelter in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where a $6,000 Banfield Foundation Veterinary Assistance Grant helped her get the care she needed. She was treated for mange, given critical vaccines and flea/tick preventive and spayed. Sophie returned home with the good neighbor so she could recover from her surgery.
There were other dogs in the household already, and the family had no intention of keeping Sophie long-term. But Sophie had other plans. She followed her new friends everywhere, never letting them out of her sight, and they couldn’t help but bond with her. They soon realized that the home Sophie belonged in was their own. Now, she’s getting all the love and attention she deserves.

Photo by Seth Casteel