Vans lost one of his front legs after being struck by a car. McKamey Animal Shelter in Chattanooga, Tennessee, went above and beyond to nurse him back to health so he could find his forever home. And boy did he hit the jackpot on that front! Not only is he surrounded by humans who adore him, he also has canine companions to swim, run and play with. Vans is almost completely deaf, so he relies on his packmates to be his ears, creating an even deeper bond with his furry siblings.
Unfortunately, all the love in the world can’t stop tough times from happening. When Vans injured his eye, his family was experiencing financial hardship and couldn’t afford the necessary care. That’s when McKamey Animal Shelter stepped back in to help their old friend. 
Thanks to a $6,000 Banfield Foundation Veterinary Assistance Grant, veterinarians at McKamey were able to perform the surgery and save Vans’ eye. Now, he’s back with his buddies, seeking out adventures and living his best life with his family!

Photo by Seth Casteel