Sometimes, it’s good to fail.
When Becky took in Tilly as a foster, it was supposed to be a temporary home while Tilly was recovering from surgery. You see, as a young kitten Tilly was struck by a car and suffered a severely broken leg. Using surgical monitors, a heated table and lights purchased with a $13,315 Banfield Foundation Veterinary Medical Equipment Grant, the team at Young-Williams Animal Center was able to perform surgery, but knew she’d never regain full use of the limb.
Under Becky’s nurturing care, Tilly learned to get around just fine using her leg like a crutch for balance. It didn’t take long for Becky to fall head over heels for Tilly, and realize she never wanted to give her up. Of course, the decision to keep Tilly officially (and lovingly) classifies the situation as a “foster fail.”
While Becky may have failed at fostering, she succeeded big time in making a difference in Tilly’s life!

Photo by Seth Casteel