We’ll never know what Jazmine went through before animal control brought her to Young-Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, or what caused the extensive damage to one of her eyes. But the compassionate staff and skilled veterinarians at Young-Williams weren’t concerned with the past. They focused on Jazmine’s future and, with the help of surgery equipment purchased with a $13,315 Banfield Foundation Veterinary Medical Equipment Grant, were able to surgically remove her wounded eye and get her on the path to good health.
Special needs pets can be difficult to find homes for, and cats in particular can languish in shelters. As luck would have it, Stephanie and Tomi were on the lookout for a handi-capable cat. They bonded with Jazmine as soon as they met and were thrilled to welcome her into their home, where she has made a complete recovery.

Photo by Seth Casteel